You may have seen my latest post about not wanting my noisy kids to ruin your dinner while on vacation in Florida. While not always succeeding in this we are at least aware of other vacationers. But not everyone on holiday seems to share this sentiment.

Here are a few things (that I admit in the grand scheme of life are pretty minor) that people do while traveling that just really suck. So, stop doing them so we can all stop rolling our eyes at you!

Work Conversations on Your Cell

Please just put it away. Unless you are in a business section of the…

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I, like many other people, am sitting on my couch dreaming of a day when I can get away from work, responsibility, my house and frankly Covid-19 media attention. It’s been a long year and a bit. But there is still a lot of uncertainty about travel in 2021. In Canada, things are worse than they ever have been — our third wave is shuttering cities and towns alike. This wasn’t supposed to happen! We were supposed to have an ‘almost normal’ summer — where we could plan a day at a family BBQ, at the beach or the local…

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As a family doctor I see a lot of mental health concerns everyday. In fact, likely a third of my entire career is spent evaluating, counselling and treating various mental health illnesses and symptoms.

With the covid situation now in its 2nd year — I am seeing a lot more mental health concerns in my office.

Everyone’s situation is different and I always recommend you see your own primary care or health care practitioner as soon as possible if you feel you have depression or anxiety (also see disclaimer at the end of this article). But I want to share…

Very true words. Thank-you! Implementing this requires a reconditioning of one's childhood imprinting - or at least for me it does!

Like all things in life this was 'your journey' in this stock. Simon had his. I would feel the same way as you - but also be trying really hard to celebrate it as you said! Great article!

Great to see such a good amount of money allocated to a travel fund while being so conservative otherwise. If you are lucky enough to be able to travel it allows you to have more 'fun' in life as you mentioned. It also allows one to be more content with not having the big house, the fancy car or the designer goods! It's a trade-off. I'm just starting a travel blog - I'm very new. Thank's for including travel into your money article!

Thank's for commenting Krystle! Hopefully we are near the end of this situation. Some solace that we are all in it together I suppose.

Great approach! My parents had a similar approach and often would say 'we will pay for half'. Meaning - budget and figure things out yourself - but we also have your back too. It was a good mix of feeling supported while figuring out my own budgeting independence.

Wow! I need to read "Bullshit Jobs". My husband and I discuss this all the time. I work in healthcare and he works in the trades. Underpaid jobs that actually touch peoples lives and build real tangible things. Both with middle management and 'admin' jobs that seem to constantly get raises and perks. Great article and thanks for the link!

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